Creative Writing Services

When you submit your fictional work to me I will begin by approaching it purely as a reader. Your story should ‘hook’ me early on and make me want to learn more about your protagonist and his/her situation. Regardless of genre, if your plot has momentum and develops in a believable way and your characters act and speak authentically then I will want to read on.

I am a firm believer in the old adage that ‘less is more’ and this applies as much to writing as it does to most things. It will save you time and money if you have revised your work and wrestled your word count into reasonable shape before embarking on the editing process.

If I find that your story is not making me want to continue I will critically assess what it is that is hindering my enjoyment. It may be that there are characters to keep track of who don’t seem to be adding much of value to the story. If my impression is that they are largely window dressing I will gently ask you to consider whether one or more are really needed. I might also suggest you think about whether the dialogue could be tightened up in the interest of pace.

Most people tend to speak fairly directly so unless the character in question is a pompous windbag dialogue should not ramble or be overly florid.

Most importantly, I am always mindful that YOU are the writer. It’s YOUR name on the story and I am an advocate for both you and your reader. You have put your heart and soul into the story and my role is to help you in presenting it in its best possible light.