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Don’t let your written words: cost you a job, drag down your exam results, turn off a publisher or lose you a valuable customer ever again


Often your writing is the first impression others have of you, whether it be through a job application, resume, letter to a potential client or advertising for your business.  At Proof Positive Qld my only aim is to present your words in the best possible light, in the way you intended.

  • Do you want your business to project a professional image so that customers will trust you and want to do business with you?
  • Do you want your important message to be understood, rather than creating confusion?
  • Do you want your assignment or manuscript to be grammatically correct in order to get the best possible result?
  • Do you sometimes make common grammar mistakes and need help fixing them?
  • Do you have the skills to proofread and edit, but just not the time?
  • Do you want professional and high quality work at a value for money price?

If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions, then here are some further reasons you should Contact Proof Positive Qld today:

  • Any errors will be picked up by fresh eyes.  You’ve worked hard to get the words down – so don’t they deserve a fresh, qualified eye before you send your document to that prospective boss, client, tutor, literary agent or publisher?
  • You will enjoy an increase in sales through increased trust.  Did you know that if a brochure, flyer, letter or website contains errors that customers lose trust in you? While I can’t guarantee increased sales, I can guarantee that there won’t be any errors in your marketing material.
  • Your deadlines are met.  Whether you have a resume, thesis, magazine article, marketing material, manuscript, assignment or report, your deadlines will be met with ease.
  • You receive an honest, affordable quote that provides absolute value for money.  Professional proofreading and editing should be financially accessible to everyone.  You are only ever charged for the work you actually need and nothing more!  To find out more request a Quote
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.  Your document or project will not be discussed with anyone but you.  The owner of Proof Positive Qld, Tracey Norris, is the only person who will work on your document.
  • You are always treated with friendliness and respect.   Most clients return to do business with Proof Positive Qld over and over again because I build positive relationships.

For further information please visit my FAQ page.


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